The Haunted Lamp

Conjuring the Glitter Storm….


Happy New Year!



(I am marching like this at this very moment!)

(I am marching like this at this very moment!)

This giant, vintage card/centerpiece sums up my excitement for the new year! I am marching into January with some big plans and goals. (Just picture a slightly older/chubbier guy with a goatee in the same pose.) I am grateful for the support I have had this year in my ever-expanding endeavors, and I hope to bring a little more glitter into a few more lives this year.


(P.S. Giant card available on Etsy.)


New Etsy Store


ย  I haven’t posted in a long time, but I have been busy adding a few more wreaths to my first Etsy store and setting up a new one called “Haunted Lamp Vintage.” This new store focuses on vintage Holiday ornaments, decorations, and ephemera. I decided that it was best to keep the craft endeavors separate from the collectible items. It seemed less jumbled to me….

The photo above shows a few of the the items currently or soon to be in the store. Remember….smart people think ahead- only 200+ plus days until Christmas.