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Christmas 2018

Since I never posted about Christmas decorating, I thought I would stick up some images for your perusal before Easter. Last year was a little crazy with moving to house full time, a flood at the same time, job changes, etc…We almost downscaled Christmas decorating as the house is still in a bit of chaos. (Technically I didn’t put up my “antiquey wreath” so I still count is as downsizing the holiday decor even though friends and family would disagree.)

We added very little to the holiday collections, but we did get a new 9 foot tree! It is making a big difference in how the “vintage “frosty” ornies look. I still have far more ornaments than I need to fill the tree even after I have pared down the last couple of years so I have a little more focusing to do on the collection before this December. I reworked the pink and aqua display, the red and green aluminum tree, and set up my small, older pieces in a displaced cabinet that was now in my living room. I added small lights and the effect was truly magical. It will definitely be back in some form this year. There were few different small displays and groupings but much remained the same. Please see Instagram for more photos…

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Christmas Decorations 2017

I never did a little recap of the holiday decor. Most of it can be seen on Instagram, but here are some highlights. Much of the decor was the same but there were some little changes…..

Shiny Brites

These Shiny Brites went on a white window garland in kitchen. It was my most popular IG photo…


The red and green pom-pom tree was back in its familiar dining room spot.


This little guy was repaired and added to the Snowman family.

Wreath o Whimsy

The Wreath O’ Whimsy was back with a couple of new additions.

polar bears

One big change this year was mixing in more of the older Christmas. The polar bears lived in the china cabinet with the Aztec dish ware.

White Fiberglas Tree

The fiberglass tree was in the foyer again but we added a string of “Star of Bethlehem” lights. I had to find an old white string with a transformer to replace the green and use two partial sets of lights to make this happen. Truly my own little holiday miracle. 

Christmas Deer

The old display deer looked as elegant as ever with a little, Czech tree.

Xmas Boxes Gift Store

Another new addition was that the vintage boxes were used as buildups in displays and as filler under the trees. This is just some of the collection.

Pinky deer

Pinky was in a landscape of pink and blue. The little Japanese, bottlebrush balls were a new addition.

Antique Wreath

The “Antiquey Wreath” as we call it was a little different and more encrusted than ever. It takes more time to do than the trees. 


The 50s “Frosted Tree” is a classic. Very little has changed. I still have far too many ornaments to fit on this tree. We are toying with the idea of a larger new tree.

Living Room

Christmas day in the living room.


Gnome Display Tree


I needed a way to display an assortment of gnomes and this snowy tree display was very easy to make. The materials were simply

  • One 15″ styrofoam cone
  • 29 (approx.) 2″ x 3″ wood ovals
  • One 2″ wood circle
  • Joint compound or similar
  • White acrylic paint with gel thickener
  • Mica
  • Hot glue

For tools you will need

  • A long serrated knife
  • A ruler
  • A hot glue gun
  • A paintbrush


I cut the cone into 5 even pieces about 3″  tall each. Be sure to do straight horizontal cuts. (My gnomes were about 2 1/2″ to 4″ tall and I knew some would have to have their hats between the shelves above them.)IMG_0640I made a mark of about 3/4″ on each oval which would show me roughly where to hot glue them to the cone.


I then glued the ovals to the bottom of each foam piece. (They can be scored with an blade and snapped if you want to cut them, but I just put whatever fit easily on each layer without being overly exact.) Going from the bottom of the cone up it was 9, 7 , 6, 4 and 3 ovals. IMG_8101

I then hot glued the cone tree back together. Start from the bottom up. I recommend doing it on a kitchen counter so you can easily see if each layer is level. I put a little cardboard in some areas to make mine straight. Glue the circle on top last. This gluing part does not have to be perfect as the paint, texture, and mica hide a lot.


I rubbed a little joint compound on foam to help fill the holes in the foam and give it some “snowy” texture.


I then painted the display with a warm grey-white acrylic paint that had some gel thickener in it for more texture. I started at the bottom and sprinkled it with mica as I finished each section.IMG_8120

That was it!

I was pleased with this project. I think it could be used for other figurines or items as well. Next time, I might try painting it green and covering it in greenery for a woodland effect. Wrapping the cone in tinsel could be great as well.


  • I bought the ovals and circle at
  • I originally foolishly thought I could just push the ovals into the foam. That did not work.
  • My 3 oval shelf was very tight to glue 3/4″ onto the cone. I probably should have trimmed off 1/4″ from each oval tip.
  • I think I might glue pebbles in the foam underneath to weight it a little more at base.


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Halloween 2017

Christmas was the only holiday I really decorated the whole house for, but this year Halloween started to creep from the couple of shelves it normally lived. We had vintage noisemakers in the foyer, paper mache pumpkins on the sideboard, embossed die cuts decorating doors, and little devils and pumpkin people haunting assorted nooks and crannies. Here is a little snippet of what was….pumpkin men crepe papergerman mache maskpaper mache pumpkinsvintage jack o lanternnoisemakers halloweenantique halloween candy container devil jolwitch halloweenBlack Cat Owl Germany

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Easter and Spring Decorating Recap

I wanted to post a little entry on some of the vintage decorations I had out this Spring. Most of the large groups were shown on Instagram already, but I have included some new additions mixed in here.

I am always adjusting the collections, but this is how they shaped up this year. I have started taking things done, but the colorful kitsch will stay a little longer to compensate for those Rainy Spring days!


Cute little chalkware figures


Jar O’Plastic….


A pink bunny in the jar.


Vintage Japanese honeycomb bunnies. They look grumpy….


White Rabbits


Kitsch plastic decor for Spring


These rabbits escaped from the toy cabinet this year…


This new addition is a vintage Fanny Farmer wax container.


Flecks egg dyes



They have definite attitude.


An unusually painted clown rabbit container from the 20s in front of a Metlox plate.

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Christmas Recap

Here is a long overdue recap of Christmas 2016 decorating…..


This vintage, papier mache elf is new this year!


Our traditional “Frosted” tree was very similar to last year.



I decided to try to display the vintage tinsel and snow for the first time.



The vintage fiberglass tree had a few more 1960s ornaments added to it.



We set up the red and green aluminum tree again!


A vintage Czech tree with Danish modern cat and mouse.


The bedroom tree with all the forest denizens (including football players and monkeys!)


The ever-changing snowman family…..


One of our Christmas mobiles in the Study.


Pinky the Deer in her pink forest. 


1960s Shiny Brites on a window valance



This little vignette of Japanese Deer and old bottle brush ornaments in a 50s bowl was well loved on Instagram.