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New Postcards!

I am excited about my two new designs for my postcard/thank you notes! I drop them in most of my boxes when I make a sale….(except when I run out and you get my business card or I forget. oops.)

The photos are from my personal holiday collection and were taken by my friend Alison. I loved my old “ornament” ones that looked similar to my header, but these look fresh for the coming season!

"Mohawk Bird"  :)

“Mohawk Bird” ๐Ÿ™‚

Antique Bisque Polar Bears

Antique Bisque Polar Bears

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Current Projects

It has been a busy start of summer and the first 90 degree day has hit the city….

I have found some time to catch up on projects and add some more items to stores. Sales have actually been ok the last few weeks. It is nice to see other people think Christmas at this time of the year……

Current Projects:


Mounted sleepy doll eyes on consignment at Nest Interiors NY



A couple of new wreaths in aqua/pink in progress


A slightly overwhelming herd of vintage deer starting to get makeovers…

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Pink Bell Jar

bell jar bird dome doll head vintage glass bird antique doll head

This pretty (and slightly spooky) bell jar is my donation to the Housing Works Design on a Dime event next month. It will be in the Nest Interiors NY booth. The scene includes painted branches, resin balls, a vintage glass bird ornament, an antique doll head, as well as assorted trim and bric-a-brac. The palette is unusual for me, but it will make sense with the design. Please attend if you are able. It is a great charity.





 Well, I finally have this up and running!

 I hope to use this new website to tie together my love (obsession) of vintage holiday decorations, collecting eccentric antiques/1950’s modern, as well my quirky creations and holiday decor made from all this junk! ย Please take a peek. Happy to have you here.