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Conjuring the Glitter Storm….

Happy New Year!




(I am marching like this at this very moment!)

(I am marching like this at this very moment!)

This giant, vintage card/centerpiece sums up my excitement for the new year! I am marching into January with some big plans and goals. (Just picture a slightly older/chubbier guy with a goatee in the same pose.) I am grateful for the support I have had this year in my ever-expanding endeavors, and I hope to bring a little more glitter into a few more lives this year.


(P.S. Giant card available on Etsy.)

Author: thehauntedlamp

Collector/Creator/Christmas Crazy

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I love the vintage reindeer-was so excited to see them-what do you know about them-your work is great-I am looking for the standing deer-do you sell any of them?? thank you for responding-gold ones with the curly antlers.

  2. email is there but only my comment-can’t bring your post up-please try again & so will I because I would be very interested in what you have to say about these deer.

  3. Yes, I got email from you-I replied & with some pics.-thanks so much.


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