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Modern Chenille Tabletop Trees



 These small tabletops are tree have a sweet, modern style. They are fairly easy to make and were inspired by a couple of vintage Japanese and Czech trees I own.

 You will need:

Chenille pipe cleaners  (bump style and regular)

a small block of scrap wood  (or foam)

small mercury glass balls  (I used 16mm.)

a pencil or similar dowel

floral tape

You will also need some wire cutters, a drill (if you use wood for base), and hot glue.


Drill a hole in the wood base and glue pencil in. (Base could be painted if you desire.)


Cut the number and lengths of branches you desire.  (I used approximately 4, 5, and 6 inch lengths for the green and white trees.)


Start by wrapping a piece of pipe cleaner to top of pencil to form the tip of tree.IMG_2124

Continue working your way down pencil adding the shorter branches first. (About 1 inch will be wrapped against pencil.)

When branches are done, wrap “tree trunk” in regular chenille pipe cleaners to hide the tape. (Use a little hot glue if you need to.)


Glue balls on tips of branches and shape as desired.


 I actually made the red tree first and the branches were too long and the top was too short.  The tree looked very squat. I ending up curving the branches up and, I think, it looks very “Scandinavian Modern” now…..  🙂


It would be very easy to experiment with different color combos, types of pipe cleaners, and different ornaments. The shape and style of the tree is easily changed by the length and number of branches.

I think one of these would look great on a mantle or in an unexpected nook. The branches could also be bent in for easy shipping to a friend.

Author: thehauntedlamp

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2 thoughts on “Modern Chenille Tabletop Trees

  1. LOVE your idea! Thank you for sharing step-by-step directions. I don’t have time to do this year for a big party – I would need to make 3 trees in 8 different colors for 8 tables. But will try to do this for next year. Hope to send you my photos!

  2. I am happy you liked the project! I thought they were fairly easy and could be varied with different pipe cleaners and ornaments…..


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