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Conjuring the Glitter Storm….





 Well, I finally have this up and running!

 I hope to use this new website to tie together my love (obsession) of vintage holiday decorations, collecting eccentric antiques/1950’s modern, as well my quirky creations and holiday decor made from all this junk!  Please take a peek. Happy to have you here.

Author: thehauntedlamp

Collector/Creator/Christmas Crazy

2 thoughts on “Hello…..

  1. Hello, I have some carefully hoarded vintage Christmas things also and have always been afraid to try and freshen or restore them as you did with the deer. Would you direct me to finding out how to clean/fix up bottle brush wreaths and putz houses. I like the glitter you did on the deer. Thank you for any help, your site is wonderful.

    • I buy most my glass glitter and mica on Ebay or from D.Blumchen. The latter has mica in specific shades of white as well as the Japanese glitter I used on Pinky. I don’t know of any specific sites on restoration or cleaning of putz or bottle brush, but I may be able to help if you have a specific technical question. I can tell you I only use soft painter brushes or a dry microfiber cloth to clean my fragile cardboard or glass ornaments. Please feel free to contact me.


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