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Pink Bell Jar

bell jar bird dome doll head vintage glass bird antique doll head

This pretty (and slightly spooky) bell jar is my donation to the Housing Works Design on a Dime event next month. It will be in the Nest Interiors NY booth. The scene includes painted branches, resin balls, a vintage glass bird ornament, an antique doll head, as well as assorted trim and bric-a-brac. The palette is unusual for me, but it will make sense with the design. Please attend if you are able. It is a great charity.

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How To Make A Christmas Bell Jar with Vintage Tree Toppers

Christmas bell Jar

Christmas bell Jar

I had collected a few vintage tree toppers in gold and silver and liked how they looked as a group. I wanted to find a way to safely and dramatically display them. A glass dome proved to be the perfect solution!
Vintage Christmas Tree Toppers Dome
Christmas Bell Jar Antique
Vintage Christmas Bell Jar

To create this holiday bell jar you will need:
-a glass dome and wood base
-tree toppers
-vintage mercury glass spikes
-assorted long screws (and possibly a nut and washer)
-tape (I used electrical)
-polyester (or cotton) fiberfil
-mica flakes
-very thin drill bit (for spikes)
-wire clippers

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