The Haunted Lamp

Conjuring the Glitter Storm….

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Halloween Costumes with Tzip

A few nights ago, our dear friend, Tziporah Salamon, modeled this antique clown costume from the vintage shop as well as some pieces from my collection. She looked fabulous! You might recognize her from the documentary “Advanced Style” or from the pages of the New York Times as she was a favorite of Bill Cunningham. She has a one woman show called “The Fabric of My Life” and is now doing her “Art of Dressing” Seminar at various venues. Her Rizzoli book will be out next Spring!

Thank you TZIP!





Not impressed with party….


Take that, Kitty!





1920s glamour


Betty Boop style


Taking a break from the party….


Vintage sass!


Pensive Felines



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Summer Thoughts



Crafting some winter white…

I know the blog has been quite neglected for awhile, but there are changes coming with the Autumn winds….
The beginning of the year was quite tough with the passing of friends and family members. I took time and reevaluated much of my life. One thing that became clear was that I had to change elements of my work. I gave several months notice at my main job and will be focusing more on freelance and my stores come October. I promise more frequent posts!


Making new (surrealistic) friends….

I have cut down on some of my “making stuff” the last few months to focus on building the vintage store, setting my studio/office up, and wrapping up the current job.  I hope to be back on track soon with some larger creative projects. I am posting pictures of some of the smaller “wintery” and “surreal” craft projects I have been able to work on. A couple figures are on Etsy in “The Haunted Lamp” along with some patriotic items, bottle brush trees, and a few traditional ornaments.


Fall preview presented by Edward and Mr. Duck.

I am happy with the progress and with the support my vintage store, Haunted Lamp Vintage, is finding. I only sell things I love, collect, and use myself. It is reassuring to know there are others out there with my quirky tastes and eclectic interests. This Fall there are many new items that will be added to the store including more vintage millinery, buttons, and findings. I have collected (hoarded) many of these things for years and I think I now have enough to share. Expect to see some vintage home items as well because my closets and garage are overflowing…..

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Easter Decorating

I was a little late in getting all the Easter and Spring decorations out, but it did finally happen last week. Here are some snippets of the current decor…

vintage chalkware duck chick tin egg

Chalkware chick and duck (in hats!) with a litho tin egg


Vintage Honeycomb rabbits bunny

Sad honeycomb bunnies


vintage easter gnome

West German, pressed paper gnomes


Vintage Easter Plastic

Hard plastic flower figures


paper mach rabbit vintage germany

Older paper mache and composition rabbits

rosen rabbit chick plastic

I didn’t know where to put these this year so this happened…..

Rosbro plastic rabbits

Rosbro, Rosen and other hard plastic kitsch

chalkware rabbit german candy container

White Rabbits

chalkware rabbit duck

“You need a stern talking to about your obsessive holiday collecting….”

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Antique Ornament Wreath 2015

Antique Ornament Wreath

My “antiquey” Christmas Wreath 2015

1900s Christmas wreath

German glass, Dresden animals, and beaded Czech ornaments.

Victorian ornaments

Bimini animals, blown glass “fantasy”, and tinsel/scrap ornaments in this mix.

Glass Bird Ornaments

Mostly glass birds at the top and my very old lead-silvered ornaments.

German Glass ornaments

Icicles and lots of old  tinsel ornaments at edges.

Dresden Christmas ornaments

The center has a pressed paper “Merry Christmas”.



Naked wreath made of painted branches, faux pine sprigs and spidery greenery. 


Christmas Decorating 2015



“Wreath O’ Whimsy” 2015


The “Joy” vignette has made a comeback this year.


One of the vintage Japanese deer frolicking on the giant letters.


Another deer spied in the aluminum forest.


One of the many vintage Christmas mobiles around the house.


Vintage fiberglass tree with Resl lenz, mod plastic, Polish, and unsilvered ornaments.


Pinky decorate the pink trees (of course.)


An old paper mache store Santa on a 50’s clock in hallway.


A vintage Italian deer ond old bottlebrush tree.


The “frosted” tree has become a tradition.

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Curiosity Critter Cabinet


I gave myself six months to get settled in after my move, but it may take a little longer…. I have recently unpacked and gathered together most of my little vintage and antique toys/figures into one cabinet. They aren’t entirely set up, but the cabinet is coming together. There are lots of animals and figures in a constantly changing collection. They span several decades and are in a range of conditions. Some will eventually end up in my quirky projects.

My favorite little friends are probably the vintage composition animals from the 30’s to 50’s but I also have lead, chalkware, wood, porcelain, cotton, and some plastic (although most of my celluloid is a little out of scale so it is on a different shelf.)  Most were intended as toys, but there are also decorative figures, cake or holiday decorations, advertising pieces and random other things. I keep them grouped by subject for easy reference, but occasionally they like to escape their expected location for displays or photo ops….

Farmers and a scarecrow

Farmers and a scarecrow

Giraffe, yawning hippos, and lions

Giraffe, yawning hippos, and lions





Men....there are almost as many as there are......

Men….there are almost as many as there are……

......dogs. Lots and lots of canines.

……dogs. Lots and lots of canines.

Birds. (Note the birds wearing fez hats!)

Birds. (Note the birds wearing fez hats!)

Deer. (Although some deer and polar bears are with Christmas decorations.)

Deer. (Although some deer and polar bears are with Christmas decorations.)