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Christmas 2018

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Since I never posted about Christmas decorating, I thought I would stick up some images for your perusal before Easter. Last year was a little crazy with moving to house full time, a flood at the same time, job changes, etc…We almost downscaled Christmas decorating as the house is still in a bit of chaos. (Technically I didn’t put up my “antiquey wreath” so I still count is as downsizing the holiday decor even though friends and family would disagree.)

We added very little to the holiday collections, but we did get a new 9 foot tree! It is making a big difference in how the “vintage “frosty” ornies look. I still have far more ornaments than I need to fill the tree even after I have pared down the last couple of years so I have a little more focusing to do on the collection before this December. I reworked the pink and aqua display, the red and green aluminum tree, and set up my small, older pieces in a displaced cabinet that was now in my living room. I added small lights and the effect was truly magical. It will definitely be back in some form this year. There were few different small displays and groupings but much remained the same. Please see Instagram for more photos…

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