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Christmas Decorations 2017

I never did a little recap of the holiday decor. Most of it can be seen on Instagram, but here are some highlights. Much of the decor was the same but there were some little changes…..

Shiny Brites

These Shiny Brites went on a white window garland in kitchen. It was my most popular IG photo…


The red and green pom-pom tree was back in its familiar dining room spot.


This little guy was repaired and added to the Snowman family.

Wreath o Whimsy

The Wreath O’ Whimsy was back with a couple of new additions.

polar bears

One big change this year was mixing in more of the older Christmas. The polar bears lived in the china cabinet with the Aztec dish ware.

White Fiberglas Tree

The fiberglass tree was in the foyer again but we added a string of “Star of Bethlehem” lights. I had to find an old white string with a transformer to replace the green and use two partial sets of lights to make this happen. Truly my own little holiday miracle. 

Christmas Deer

The old display deer looked as elegant as ever with a little, Czech tree.

Xmas Boxes Gift Store

Another new addition was that the vintage boxes were used as buildups in displays and as filler under the trees. This is just some of the collection.

Pinky deer

Pinky was in a landscape of pink and blue. The little Japanese, bottlebrush balls were a new addition.

Antique Wreath

The “Antiquey Wreath” as we call it was a little different and more encrusted than ever. It takes more time to do than the trees. 


The 50s “Frosted Tree” is a classic. Very little has changed. I still have far too many ornaments to fit on this tree. We are toying with the idea of a larger new tree.

Living Room

Christmas day in the living room.