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Easter Decorating

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I was a little late in getting all the Easter and Spring decorations out, but it did finally happen last week. Here are some snippets of the current decor…

vintage chalkware duck chick tin egg

Chalkware chick and duck (in hats!) with a litho tin egg


Vintage Honeycomb rabbits bunny

Sad honeycomb bunnies


vintage easter gnome

West German, pressed paper gnomes


Vintage Easter Plastic

Hard plastic flower figures


paper mach rabbit vintage germany

Older paper mache and composition rabbits

rosen rabbit chick plastic

I didn’t know where to put these this year so this happened…..

Rosbro plastic rabbits

Rosbro, Rosen and other hard plastic kitsch

chalkware rabbit german candy container

White Rabbits

chalkware rabbit duck

“You need a stern talking to about your obsessive holiday collecting….”

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