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A Lovely Holiday….

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Fiberglass Tree

  We had a lovely holiday with good friends, good food, and great drink. (A “Brandy Alexander”, anyone?) I posted several Instagram photos (see sidebar) throughout the day but thought I would put on a few other xmas vignettes here as well.

  We try to change things up a bit every year and this year we added a new valance garland and large wreath. The garland was found at Michaels but needed to be twisted together to get a decent fullness. The garland is in our multi-color dining area, and we displayed a new group of 60’s Shiny Brites. The wreath -which I dubbed the “The Wreath O’ Whimsy”- displays our whimsical Italian and West German ornaments. For several years we have been hanging the animals in a vintage birdcage, but they display much better on the wreath. I look forward to adding to it. Other changes include only using vintage ornaments, using multicolor decorations on the vintage fiberglas tree, and doing our “traditional” in only frosted/glittered ornaments with a new 60’s snowman tree topper….

Shiny Brites Garland

Red Green Aluminum Tree Dream Pets 2 Dream Pets 1 Peter Pepper Mobile Vintage Frosty Tree Vtg Tree Topper wreath wreath 2 wresth 3

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One thought on “A Lovely Holiday….

  1. Exquisite! Like a journey back in time. I just obtained a lusciously photographed mid century issue of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas and any one of your photos would fit perfectly.

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