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Glitter 101: Shakers

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The Haunted Lamp Glitter

A very small fraction of my glitter collection…

 Glitter is good.

 I own several dozen of different types/sizes of this magical material and over the years have come up with ways to control the glorious chaos of “glittering”. I often buy mine in bulk, and usually receive it in bags which are very messy to use. I keep my large size mica in glass, recycled,  peanut butter jars, but I like small shakers for most of what I own.

 My two favorite types of inexpensive shakers are glass and metal sugar shakers and plastic capped spice ones. The metal capped ones are definitely nicer looking and have more hole options for shaking, but glass glitter can feel a bit “gritty” when it gets into the layers of the spinning top. A minor issue, but it can be annoying. Most of mine came from an inexpensive store that had some kitchen supplies on sale. I think they were about $3 each. The less expensive option is the plastic capped, spice shaker from the Swedish superstore. They come in a set of 4 of four and cost about $1 each. You can’t go wrong with that option.

 A tall diner-type sugar shaker or small salt and peppers shakers might make sense in some cases. (A collection of vintage ones would be gorgeous!)….but I find this size and type is very functional for the amount of glittering I do.  Both styles close completely (which is important for dust, tarnish prevention on genuine silvered glass glitter, and for my eternal clumsiness.)

Glitter Shaker

Metal capped shaker

Shaker Glitter The Haunted Lamp

Plastic capped shaker

 Now get glittering!

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